Vegan in the City: On the Fly

In light of recently going vegan (after nearly 6 years of being a vegetarian), I want to start reviewing some of the vegan options here in Columbus. Columbus is actually a pretty vegan friendly city, with a lot of fun options for eating out, as well as plenty of health food stores to purchase various vegan and vegetarian food products. There are also plenty of farmer’s markets citywide where you can get fresh local produce. I love it. Anyway, this edition of Vegan in the City features a relatively new local establishment.

On the Fly

On the Fly is a spin-off from the highly acclaimed Dragonfly Neo-V restaurant, that serves up inexpensive street foods. My friend Holly told me about this place, and after we went there for the first time, Bill and I were hooked (and were visiting more than once a week for a little while). The menu is small, and not the same everyday.

The Good:  They make Empanadas! The food here is delicious. I mean, really, really, crave it all the time, could eat there daily, delicious. They fill the empanadas with something different everyday, and I have been able to try a few different varieties (my favorite being filled with chili and potatoes). The other superstar on the menu is the Philly V-steak sandwich. This is a messy sandwich, nothing delicate about eating it. I usually hate eating messy food, but this i will make an exception for. The sandwich is filled with seitan, portobellos, onions, and their housemade V sauce (a creamy red pepper and cashew based sauce), seasoned to perfection, packed into a lovely roll. I am tempted to get this every time, but like to try other stuff too. They call it street food, but it is quite gourmet.

The Bad: Seating is scarce. So is parking. I could get over the scarce seating if it were easy to pop in real quick to get a take-away order, but we always end up parking a few blocks away. It really is just a tiny hole in the wall, although on nice days sitting outside is an option. The only other negative thing i have to say is that one time I got a cupcake and it was not so good. It was horribly dense, and the frosting was too thick and pasty. I am very particular about baked goods, because I know that delicious vegan baked goods are possible, even easy. These were a disappointment.

Overall, I cannot recommend this place enough. This is, bar none, the best vegetarian food I have had in this city.


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