erica on life

Welcome to my new blog! As the title implies, this will be a space where I write about my view of life. As a new mom, the vast majority of my posts will probably be about motherhood and the adventure of living with a baby. Other aspects of my life that I will probably write about are food (i am a vegetarian and a foodie), various crafty projects, my crazy dogs, and neighborhood/community antics. I’m sure that the occasional rant will be thrown in as well, i do love to stand on a soapbox. So, welcome to my little space of the web!


One Response to erica on life

  1. Linda says:

    I love it! I wish I were that organized with dinners. It goes, “Oh, it’s 4pm. I guess I should feed my kids and husband dinner. Do we have any food?” Speaking of which, it’s 3:30. I guess I’m a half hour ahead of schedule!

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